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I know high school sucks. But that’s where we met our real friends. We should never forget them and take them for granted. Because outside of high school, are the nastiest things.


When I thought I was going to lose him…

No matter what the future may bring

I just want to spend my life with him. Even if it means traveling across the globe to settle down together. 

Let’s watch Silver Linings Playbook, The Wedding Singer, Say Anything, 10 Things I Hate About You and 500 Days of Summer again together, while cuddling naked on the couch.

Just because.

I love being a student but what makes me excited about graduating college is that I could finally achieve my aspirations. Graduating means getting your dream job and freedom to do whatever you want without your parents having control over you. For now I could only imagine the endless possibilities after graduation.

My love for you overwhelms me too.

Maybe one day you’ll find someone prettier and cooler than me… And I’m scared because you’ll definitely fall in love with her and leave me.

We could’ve been something more.

If only we had those “deep” conversations… If only we talked more about our feelings. But no, neither of us did. And you came out too strong, you never showed any kind of weakness.

Well, at least, I’m still on the right path. I got someone else here who loves me. I have what I deserve.

I’ve been meaning to say things to you… But what’s the point, right?

I wish I could explain things. I wish could express how much I adore you… But how you would probably react really scares me.

It’s nothing.

I really like you, you’re the one I love. I just don’t know how to approach you. I don’t know how to express my love for you without being too “clingy”. Sometimes, I feel like you would just ignore me because you’re very busy. But I can’t blame you, you need to work. I don’t know how I’ll handle things, at the same time, I’m really afraid of losing you. You’re better than anyone else and I don’t know how I’ll be able to keep you.