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Let me sleep…
Thursday with 12 notes / reblog
You are the only exception.
Wednesday with 9 notes / reblog
We were the victims of ourselves.
Tuesday with 19 notes / reblog
I’ve never been perfect but neither have you.
Tuesday with 2 notes / reblog
I’ve done you so wrong, treated you badd, strung you along. Oh shame on myself I don’t know how I got so tangled up.
Sunday with 11 notes / reblog
I could’ve been a princess, you’d be a king, could’ve had a castle and worn a ring… But no, you let me go…
Sunday with 35 notes / reblog
Where are you? And I’m so sorry. I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight. I need somebody and always.
Sunday with 6 notes / reblog
I don’t wanna fall asleep ‘cause I don’t know if I’ll get up and I don’t want to cause a scene, but I’m dying without your love.
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Second chances, they don’t ever matter, people never change.
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A strangled smile fell from you face. It kills me that I hurt you this way. The worst part is that I didn’t even know.
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