Just some thoughts on LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS:
  • I’m quite surprised that they have shorter songs this time.
  • I think the best track is Pyres of Varanasi.
  • My other favorite tracks are Birth, Conquistador and Bright Lights.
  • The drums, guitars and violins are perfect.
  • The lyrics are simpler, gets the message easily.
  • In time I’ll know which record is much better, TIW or LLFD.
  • Birth, Pyres of Varanasi and Convergence are just filler songs in the record, but I think they’re the highlight.
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LOVE LUST FAITH + DREAMS is just so perfect.

I have no more words.

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Still can’t get over July 29, 2011…
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We were the victims of ourselves.
Every time I see this ad in department stores…

I just can’t…

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